Emotional Intelligence

EQ is a test that measures the aptitude to deal with others positively and respond to the difficult emerging conditions. It reveals the ability to monitor one\'s emotions and use emotional information to adapt to the social environment People with high scores of EQ are said to enjoy greater mental health, have distinguished job performance and more potent leadership skills. Take The Test

Femininity & Masculinity

This is a test that measures to what extent a person uses their right or left cerebral hemispheres taking into consideration that the right cerebrum (anima) is responsible for love, intuition, feelings, beauty and creativity whereas the left cerebrum (animus) is responsible for logic and the senses. Hence, taking the FM test will reveal the masculinity of femininity of one's brain. Take The Test



Emotional Imprint

This is an innovative test that uncovers the emotional imprint of a person as regards feelings, love and emotions. Take The Test





Sexual Imprint

This is a creative test that shows the sexual map or sexual imprint of a person which they get ever since the mitosis phase that takes place in the uterus. This phase defines the two areas responsible for sexual inclination in the brain; i.e., the hippocampus and hypothalamus, and endow a person with their specific sexual nature. Take The Test